so i haven’t been getting many submissions or asks lately and well this blog is entirely dependent on your thoughts and hopes so i might just delete this blog because not much is becoming of it.. 

Anonymous said: When I lose the weight I will be able to take full body pictures of myself.

so i made the picture for you but i changed it to “i won’t mind” cause you should take full body pictures of yourself all the time no matter what and just fucking enjoy what you have :)

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quick note

I will NOT post pictures with unhealthy goals. I want to promote body positive goals and dreams. I don’t want anyone to think “If I’m skinny I will be pretty” because that is NOT true. Everyone is beautiful and it does not matter what size or shape they are. 

If you want to lose weight to wear a certain dress, great! 

If you want to lose weight so you can compete in a marathon, awesome! 

If you want to lose weight so that someone will love you, dont. They should love you no matter what you look like. 

So please continue to submit healthy goals and even silly ones! ex. “When I lose the weight I can wear a green man suit and still look hot” 

Keep submitting please! 

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lovelygirlsandgeekystuff said: This tumblr is extremely sad, losing weight won't solve half the problems you're talking about

that’s where you’re wrong. 

people lose weight because they want to be healthy, or they want to feel better about themselves or even fit into new pants. 

you don’t know everyone personally and neither do i. 

people who are trying to lose weight themselves are the ones submitting these to me, i just make the pictures. people who are currently struggling to lose weight see these pictures and think “yeah, when i lose the weight i’ll finally be able to wear a pair of shorts and not be as self-conscious” 

and if the pictures i make help even 1 person then i’m happy. if i can motivate at least 1 person then i’m doing what i want to be doing. 

so you’re wrong. maybe these pictures aren’t for everyone, maybe #120 doesn’t apply to someone, but it may be the best reason for another person. 

so if you don’t like my tumblr then please by all means, don’t follow me. 

hey so I know I haven’t been updating this blog all that much and I feel really bad about it. The original owner let me take care of it while she handled some personal business and she’s never contacted me since. It’s been over a year now and I’m not sure she ever will. 

I haven’t gotten any new submissions, so I don’t really have any new pictures to make. I know this blog means a lot to some people so I wouldn’t want to ever delete it, but I also don’t want it to go to waste. 

So please keep submitting “When I lose the weight…” so I can keep making pictures and inspiring people. 

If not then this blog will go to waste and might get deleted. 

Please keep submitting 



hey guys! 

don’t forget to keep submitting! i’m running out of ideas.